PARCC Program

Post Acute Respiratory Care Collaborative
Comprehensive, Responsive, Effective. Our PARCC Program focuses on a collaborative care plan and on the patient’s needs.
Group of Doctors
PHM improves the quality of our patients lives through a proven methodology of reducing hospital readmissions across a variety of chronic conditions, including COPD. Our success is tied to our people, including COPD Educator-level Respiratory Therapists (RT’s) and a staff Pulmonologist. In addition, we employ the latest technologies and best practices via a collaborative care clan with our referral sources. Our RT’s are available for your patients 24×7×365. They consult in the hospital on the development of the care plan for each patient and will take the lead on transitioning the patient from the hospital to their long-term care setting. During the course of our treatment, we may include tele-monitoring and/or telemedicine to improve compliance outcomes and offer to triage clinical situations to reduce returns to the emergency room. We know that compliance efforts are key in producing outcomes so we provide counseling on proper diet, activity level, smoking cessation and inhaler use.  Using the latest technology, our RT’s obtain respiratory, utilization and mechanical data downloads from our therapy equipment via regular in-person visits to the patient and we provide any collected information with the provider. The results? 93% of our patients report better breathing and we have cut down on COPD-related hospital readmissions by over 70% compared to the national average.