Live Your Life!

adults-exercising-300x199Our focus is helping you live more comfortably while also leading a longer, healthier life. We offer a comprehensive line of services addressing a wide variety of chronic conditions as well as a full-line of durable medical equipment. Patients with COPD receive the very best care via COPD Educator-level Respiratory Therapists who utilize the most effective technology available. We pride ourselves on taking care of your needs efficiently and effectively by:
  • Assigning a Respiratory Therapist that is on call 24×7 for ventilator patients
  • Helping you fully understand your therapy as well as other steps you can take to improve your quality of life
  • Being sensitive and responsive to your schedule
  • Engaging your caregivers and doctor to ensure you are receiving a continuum of care
Whether your needs are driven by COPD, sleep apnea or neuromuscular disease, we have the solution to help you live your life as fully and comfortably as possible. Contact us for more information.  

Patient Testimonials

Rhonda S., Nazareth, KY

"More than accommodating to set the equipment up whenever and wherever it was needed… I could not believe what a difference there was between my Bi-Pap and Trilogy.   I could breathe so much better!…When I wake up in the mornings I feel refreshed and energetic.  With Trilogy it is a deeper sleep and more sleep pattern has improved, in that the swelling in my legs has decreased and my blood sugars are lower."

Lavergne H.

It does everything you said. I can’t imagine not having it.

Glee L., Slidell, LA

I love my machine – it’s been a lifesaver.

Lisa F., Raceland, LA

I embraced the Trilogy therapy and committed myself to using it and really bought in. I stopped smoking, started exercising and went on a diet and within 6-9 months of starting Trilogy therapy have lost 70 pounds.  I still uses Trilogy but hardly use O2 during the day and am able to play with my grandchildren and continues exercising.

Sonya W., Louisville, KY

Since starting therapy 2 years ago this month, I have regained the energy to cook and clean for myself and even have a part time job!

Judith W., Arkadelphia, AR

I used to sleep until noon because I had no energy but after using Trilogy I get up around 8 and clean and cook and feel so much more energy from using the NIV. I love it and wish I would have known about it years ago.

Clayton H., Dixon, MO

I use NIV every night and have also successfully quit smoking with your program. I am now able to go back to church. I had stopped going of the because of the walk from the car to the pew. I was pretty much stuck in the house because of my breathing. I also now am able to go play cards one night a week. I have not been readmitted or been back for any unscheduled doctor visits and will will not go with out my NIV!

C. Johnson, Albany, LA

I absolutely love my machine. I feel great and the other day was the first time in 2 years I was able to walk more than 10 feet and the only thing I changed is that I am now using this machine. I even put a call in to my doctor to let her know how great the machine is.