An Accountable Care Partner

“We create and maintain a winning collaboration focused on helping Accountable Care Organizations achieve high marks on quality measures with a positive impact on shared savings.”

Doctor Testimonials

Dr. James H., Tulsa, OK

“I have had several difficult patients who have shown remarkable improvement and I attribute this to PHM's diligence and follow up care.  I have yet to witness any other DME supplier provide the same level of care.”

Dr. Eric E., Tulsa, OK

“This particular outfit (PHM) provides excellent care to ALS and other patients needing noninvasive ventilation, cough assist and similar care. Their response time is excellent and their quality of care is the best I have seen for such patients.”

Dr. Richard F., Lafayette, LA

The technology and clinical support provided by PHM allows my chronic COPD patients to be treated very effectively in their own home whereas in the past the only option was to admit them to the hospital.

Dr. Elizabeth D., Tulsa, OK

I have personally observed the services provided by PHM including patient education, follow up with NIPPV therapy, and servicing of equipment to be impeccable. Our pulmonary and neuromuscular patients are better served, and their clinical condition is more appropriately treated.

PHM specializes in treating those COPD patients that drive a high disproportion of treatment costs (typically stage 3 & 4). These patients justify a higher level of therapy from both care and economic perspectives. PHM will positively contribute to many of the 33 Quality Measures by which an ACO is evaluated, as 93% of our patients report better breathing and over 90% state they are “happy” or “very happy” with our services.
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